2014 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage Special Mention of the Jury

Edirne is in UNESCO's World Heritage List with two cultural properties


Kaleiçi neighbourhood was burnt out by the big Edirne fire known as Harik-i Kebir in Edirne history during the year 1903. Dilaver Bey, the mayor of that period started the reconstruction of the neighbourhood and restructured it in a grid planned system.

Historical mansion was brought to life as a distinguished example of the multicultural Ottoman architecture in this reconstruction period. (1905)

The first owner of this three floored, double staired and garden mansion having a pinnacle, one of the most impressive examples of Edirne civil architecture, is Dr. Vasil Mayısyan who worked as a doctor in Edirne.  Dr. Mayısyan used this mansion as a home and clinic. Therefore, it is known as the “doctor’s house” among the local resources.

The first land register of the building dated 1938 belongs to his daughter Mihran Mayısyan. Mihran Hanım lived in this mansion for long years and when she died the mansion was transferred to her daughter Nergis Hanım, the only inheritor on January 20th, 1961. Following the death of Nergis Hanım, the mansion was transferred to treasury and functioned as a house and lodging for many years. During these years, this unique architectural structure was seriously destroyed and divided into three and converted into three houses.

This mansion, which was given to Şaban Cevahir as barter for the land of Financial Office built in Edirne in 1995, was bought and restored in a way appropriate to its original by its current owner, Celal Acar in 2004 when it was about to fall down.


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